Ability to record vacations, sick leaves and other reasons for employee absence, follow the data in a transparent report.

Ability to create shifts, schedule short and long breaks, define other types of breaks as needed, and easily review everything on your calendar!

Ability to select and group data, select the required period, export data as an Excel report or transfer via API integration key.

Possibility to receive automatic notifications about employees who do not arrive on time!


Customer feedback


When choosing an electronic working hours control system, it was essential to "Būvfilma Vītols" Ltd. for it to be simple, easy to use for employees, and another criteria was the system meeting the requirements of the law "On Taxes and Duties", Chapter XIV "Electronic Recording of Information at a Construction Site and Use Thereof". The InPass team offered us a great solution that meets all of our criteria, and we are very pleased with the result.


The Danish capital company "Kohsel" manufactures various electrical device transformers at the Liepāja Business Center. Initially, there was work for only a few people at the site, but today, over 140 people work for us. The company keeps growing, and manual working hours control requires significant resources and time, and that is why we wanted to streamline the process.