Production facility efficiency solutions

Anything that can be measured can be improved!

Do you want to improve your production efficiency? With InPass solutions, you can analyse and optimize every stage of production, reduce costs and increase profits. Apply for a consultation and find out how our customised solutions for various industries help improve equipment performance, reduce downtime and implement Lean manufacturing principles. Create a more efficient production process!

Production efficiency solutions

InPass solutions for manufacturing companies to improve efficiency

Building materials

Construction material manufacturers

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Metalworking companies

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Improve the efficiency
of your manufacturing company

  • Improve the efficiency of your production facilities and the entire production process. InPass solutions will help you measure and analyse the efficiency of each stage of production to make strategic decisions that will enable your facilities to work more efficiently. These solutions are especially useful when implementing Lean manufacturing principles.
  • InPass solutions offer the opportunity to measure not only overall efficiency improvements in the production process, but also improvements at each stage or facility.

Main features of production efficiency solutions


Implementation process

Implementation 0 EUR


InPass offers free implementation of its solutions. When you sign up for a solution, we deliver the equipment to you and ensure access to the system. And you can start using it. In specific cases, our specialists will help you implement solutions.

Easy to use


99 € per month

We will create a personalised offer just for you, since the monthly costs depend on the solution you need.

Additional costs

Additional costs

Additional costs may be related to specific or personalised services.

Want to find out how much an InPass solution will cost your company?

Contact us for a quote or sign up for a free consultation to receive more information and a preliminary quote at the same time!

Contact us for a quote or sign up for a free consultation to receive more information and a preliminary quote at the same time!

    Benefits for your company

    Fundamentals and features
    of our solutions

    Connections to production facilities

    Connection to

    the production facility

    The InPass solution for manufacturing companies can be installed in almost any production facility. To ensure tracking of production data, the following is needed:

    • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection,
    • SD card for storing data,
    • 5V power supply,
    • digital analogue sensor connection,
    • production facility connection.
    Data accounting

    Data tracking and input

    It is possible to collect data on the work performed by each specific facility and the activities of its operator. Thus, you can obtain not only quantitative but also qualitative information for making strategic decisions. Data collection can take place offline if the internet connection is lost; as soon as it is restored, all data is transferred to the InPass portal.

    Data analysis on the portal

    Data analysis on the InPass portal
    or a smartphone

    All data is stored on the InPass portal, where it is possible to filter, analyse, select and perform other operations. An archive of such data is often useful in cases where a situation analysis is needed, such as which facilities are / are not profitable, why there has been downtime, etc.

    Data export to ERP

    Ability to export data to
    an ERP system

    All data stored on the InPass portal can be exported to other programs and systems. All you need to do is request an API from us.

    Stories and testimonials from our clients

    About the production efficiency solution

    SIA “Sakret” is a company engaged in the production of dry building materials.

    We use InPass solutions for 3 production facilities. This solution allows us to measure equipment downtime, operator productivity, and overall production process efficiency.

    Since the implementation of the solution, employee discipline has improved, downtime has been reduced, and the time previously spent on preparing various reports has been reduced.