Professional indoor air quality monitoring solutions

Real-time information on the main parameters of an indoor microclimate.

Indoor air quality measurements are an essential part of ensuring a healthy living and working environment. Our indoor air quality, CO2 air quality and other meters will help you ensure ideal conditions.

Professional air quality monitoring

A convenient solution for monitoring the indoor air quality for home or company

For productions

Production premises and warehouses

For institutions

Offices, schools, museums, medical institutions, etc.

For housing

Homes – private houses and apartments

For server rooms

Server rooms, power distribution cabinets, etc.

For cold rooms

Cold rooms and freezer rooms

Indoor microclimate
monitoring solutions

  • The sensors and equipment of our solutions provide a variety of real-time measurements for an indoor microclimate: temperature, relative humidity, pressure and CO2.
  • Using a wide range of options, the InPass team will implement any type of personalised solution in your company or home.

Main features of indoor microclimate
monitoring solutions


Implementation process



InPass offers free implementation of its solutions. When you sign up for a solution, we deliver it to you, and you can start using it.
In specific cases, our specialists will help you implement solutions.

Easy to use


50 € per month

We will create a personalised offer just for you, since the monthly costs depend on the solution you need.

Additional costs

Additional costs

Additional costs may be related to personalised or very specific solutions, as well as sensor calibration and other services.

Want to find out how much an InPass solution will cost your company?

Contact us for a quote or sign up for a free consultation to receive more information and a preliminary quote at the same time!

Contact us for a quote or sign up for a free consultation to receive more information and a preliminary quote at the same time!

    Benefits for you

    Fundamentals and features
    of our solutions



    We offer sensor calibration in accredited calibration laboratories recommended by the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau. We also provide recalibration in accordance with industry or legal requirements.

    Sensor measurements

    Sensor measurements

    The sensors take measurements and pass them on to the InPass controller for storage.

    Control of data collection

    Data storage controller

    The controller is a device developed by InPass that collects and stores data and reports if sensors have detected deviations from the norm. The controller is not interrupted in the event of a power or internet outage. Data is stored and transferred as soon as the internet recovers, while the controller continues to run on battery power.

    Data analysis on the portal

    Data analysis on the InPass portal
    or a smartphone

    All data is stored on the InPass portal, where it is possible to filter, analyse, select and perform other operations. An archive of such data is often useful in cases where a situation analysis is needed, such as making sure that a product has not been damaged in a freezer room due to inappropriate
    temperatures, etc.

    Data export to ERP

    Ability to export data to
    an ERP system

    All data stored on the InPass portal can be exported to other programs and systems. All you need to do is request an API from us.