Employee time tracking system

Accurate and reliable electronic time tracking system for your company.

In today’s competitive business landscape, managing employee time and attendance is more crucial than ever. The InPass Employee Time Tracking System is designed with your needs in mind, offering a tailored, secure, and efficient solution for tracking employee hours, attendance, and more.

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Employee time tracking system

Modern employee time tracking software for any company

For productions


For warehouses


For office buildings


For educational institutions

Educational institutions

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Employee attendance system and software

  • An electronic working time tracking system ensures accuracy and high data security, saves time and simplifies working time control processes at any company.
  • Such a system can be combined with door opening sensors that, in addition to time tracking, allow or deny employees, guests or visitors access to certain rooms or areas of the company.
  • The InPass system lets you easily and quickly add new people who are identified by personalised NFC or RFID cards, badges, stickers or fingerprints.

Main features of the employee time tracking system


Implementation process



The system is implemented for free. We will lease all the equipment to you, so you do not have to purchase it.

Easy to use


99 € per month

We will create a personalised offer just for you, since the monthly costs depend on the solution you need.

Additional costs

Additional costs

Additional costs may be related
to the number of NFC cards you need, how they are printed, etc.,
as well as other specific aspects.

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Contact us for a quote or sign up for a free consultation to receive more information and a preliminary quote at the same time!

    Benefits for your company

    Fundamentals and features of
    the system’s operation

    Registration of employee guests

    Employee and

    guest registration

    Company employees or guests check in using an InPass device or smartphone with the Android InPass app. Individuals are identified by means of a card, sticker, badge or fingerprints.

    Opening the door

    Opening doors

    This system is also often used to open doors when employees and/or guests are granted different levels of access to different rooms / areas of the company.

    Additional options

    Additional features

    The InPass working time tracking system entails not only tracking employees’ working time,
    but also adding and tracking various tasks, as well as other features that let you obtain
    accurate data on the performance and efficiency
    of every employee.

    Data processing

    Data processing and data storage offline

    All data is stored and transferred to the InPass portal. Data storage also occurs if the internet connection is lost. In this case, the data is sent to the InPass portal as soon as the internet connection is restored.

    Data analysis on the portal

    Data analysis on the InPass portal

    One or more responsible persons administer the company account on the InPass portal, which offers extensive filtering, grouping and other features, as well as quick and easy registration of new employees or company guests.

    Data export to ERP

    Ability to export data to
    an ERP system

    All data stored on the InPass portal can be exported to other programs and systems. All you need to do is request an API from us.