Electronic working time tracking system (EDLUS) for builders

A safe and efficient time tracking system for construction companies that complies with the requirements of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

Edlus sistēma būvniekiem

Modern working time tracking system for builders

Atvērtā tipa objekts - EDLUS sistēmas

Open construction sites

EDLUS Slēgta tipa objektos

Closed construction sites

EDLUS renovācijas projektos

Buildings undergoing renovation

Electronic working time tracking system (EDLUS)

  • The electronic working time tracking system (EDLUS) offered by InPass is suitable for closed and open construction sites or buildings undergoing renovation.
  • It complies with the requirements of the law on data processing and is legally compliant and functionally convenient for automatic transfer of data to the national unified electronic working time tracking database (VEDLUDB).
  • In addition, EDLUS helps construction companies improve internal work processes and employee safety. EDLUS tracks employee activity using NFC or RFID cards, badges, stickers or fingerprints.

Main features of the electronic working time tracking system (EDLUS)


Sistēmas ieviešana



InPass offers free implementation of the system. Upon receiving your order, we will deliver the equipment to you, and you can start using it. In specific cases, our specialists will help you implement solutions.

Lietotnes izmantošana


99 € per month

We will create a personalised offer just for you, since the monthly costs depend on the solution you need.

Papildu izmaksas

Additional costs

Additional costs may be related to the number of NFC or RFID cards you need, how they are printed, and other personalised solutions. We also offer turnstile rental.

Want to find out how much an InPass solution will cost your company?

Contact us for a quote or sign up for a free consultation to receive more information and a preliminary quote at the same time!

Contact us for a quote or sign up for a free consultation to receive more information and a preliminary quote at the same time!

    Benefits for your company

    Fundamentals and features of
    our solutions

    Darba laika reģistrācija

    Tracking working time and accessing the construction site

    At a closed site, people with personalised NFC or RFID cards scan them at an InPass-enabled device, allowing access to the site (for instance, opening a door or turnstile). InPass also offers turnstile rental. Tracking at an open site takes place using a smartphone with the Android app.

    Papildu iespējas

    Additional features

    The InPass VEDLUDB system also offers tracking of various tasks, enabling supervisors to analyse the productivity of workers.

    Datu apstrāde

    Data processing and data storage offline

    All data is stored and transferred to the InPass portal. Data storage also occurs if the internet connection is lost. In this case, the data is sent to the InPass portal as soon as the internet connection is restored.

    Datu analīze portālā

    Data analysis on the InPass portal

    One or more responsible persons administer the company account on the InPass portal, which offers extensive filtering, grouping and other features, as well as quick and easy registration of new employees, subcontractors and guests.

    Integrācija ar VEDLUB

    Integration with VEDLUDB

    Our system enables you to automatically transfer data to the unified electronic working time tracking database, thus significantly saving your company’s resources and reducing

    the chances of error.

    Datu eksports uz ERP

    Ability to export data to
    an ERP system

    All data stored on the InPass portal can be exported to other programs and systems. All you need to do is request an API from us.

    Stories and testimonials from our clients

    About the EDLUS

    “We are satisfied with the cooperation with the company InPass, because:

    • Professional, responsive and customer-oriented communication was receives during the implementation of the system;
    • The electronic work time recording (EDLUS) was successfully implemented;
    • Work processes were simplified with the help of digitalization;
    • Personalized solutions were obtained, with appropriate recommendations and possibilities for their implementation.


    A company that we recommend for various process digitalization solutions.”

    Aija Dobrinina

    Personnel specialist

    About the EDLUS

     “Since 2020, we have been using the EDLUS mobile electronic work time recording system for construction workers.

    In addition to the fact that this type of solution is required by Latvian regulations, it helps us to organize and optimize work and conveniently keep track of work in different construction projects.

    We are very satisfied with this solution, which makes our everyday life much easier.”

    Māris Lavrinovičs

    Chairman of the Board