Data digitalisation solutions

Solutions for reading and integrating different forms and types of data and automating processes


We help replace manual work in data acquisition and integration with implementation of efficient digital solutions

For farms

Different types of farms

Waste management

Waste management

For productions

Different types of factories

For office buildings


Data digitisation solutions

  • Our digitisation solutions will help your company replace manual work on data acquisition and processing by automating these processes and making them more efficient.
  • We will help you select and install
    the most appropriate engineering and automation solutions for your company’s needs to ensure efficient operation, monitoring and control
    of the company’s infrastructure.
  • We provide system integration and the necessary programming work, regular maintenance, remote monitoring, preventive maintenance and onsite visits. Using a wide range of options, the InPass team will implement any type of personalised solution at your company.

Main features of data digitisation solutions


Implementation process



In-depth research is needed to estimate implementation costs. A preliminary assessment can be provided during the consultation.

Easy to use


50 € /mēn

Monthly usage costs depend on data volume, software, etc. We create an individual offer for each client based on their needs.

Additional costs

Additional costs

Additional costs may be related to personalised or very specific solutions, as well as sensor calibration and other services.

Want to find out how much an InPass solution will cost your company?

Contact us for a quote or sign up for a free consultation to receive more information and a preliminary quote at the same time!

Contact us for a quote or sign up for a free consultation to receive more information and a preliminary quote at the same time!

    Benefits for you

    Fundamentals and features
    of our solutions

    Data exploration

    Research before implementing data digitisation solutions

    In order to offer the most efficient data digitisation solution, our specialists will learn the goals of your company and

    study information on the data feed format, readings, connectivity, processing, etc.

    Software selection

    Choice of software and

    According to the information obtained, our specialists will install the most suitable data storage microcontroller and software. We will perform testing and, if necessary, adjust the software, etc. to get the desired result.


    Control and digitization of data accumulation

    Data storage controller

    The controller is a device developed by InPass that compiles and stores data. It continues to work even during a power or internet outage. Data is stored and transferred as soon as the internet recovers, while the controller continues to run on battery power. In order to successfully transfer data, we recommend using the most appropriate and secure data transfer methods: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GSM, and satellite communication technologies.

    Data analysis on the portal

    Data analysis on the InPass portal
    or a smartphone

    All data is stored on the InPass portal, where it is possible to filter, analyse, select and perform other operations. An archive of such data is often useful in cases where a situation analysis is needed.

    Data transmission options

    Sending data to the end user

    After collecting data, various methods can be customised so that it may be forwarded to the end user or third parties in the form of reports, by e-mail, text message, etc. For example, individual reports on water consumption, etc., can be sent specifically to the persons whom they concern.

    Data export to ERP

    Ability to export

    All data stored on the InPass portal can be exported to other programs and systems. All you need to do is request an API from us.

    Stories and testimonials from our clients

    About the data digitization solution

    “Our company is engaged not only in waste treatment and disposal, but also in the production of electricity and heat from renewable energy sources – landfill gas. InPass installed remote data reading for the landfill gas control unit and cogeneration plants.

    In particular, the remote data reading is appreciated by the cogeneration plant operators, who can monitor the production process not only during working hours, but also from home in the evenings and on weekends. Digital solutions allow easy evaluation and summarization of gas flow and composition data, generated and consumed heat energy data, which are available to the required level of detail. In addition, the availability of data allows for better planning of the operation of cogeneration plants and to prevent emergency situations.

    We recommend using the solutions offered by InPass for those who need to monitor their production processes, who need process analysis and increased production efficiency.”

    Liene Jākobsone

    Environmental engineer