Modern solutions to increase company efficiency

Employee time tracking system

An electronic working time tracking system ensures accuracy, high data security and time saved.

It simplifies working time control processes in a company and helps increase employee productivity and the company’s overall efficiency.

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Professional indoor air quality monitoring solutions

Real-time information on the main parameters of an indoor microclimate: temperature, relative humidity, pressure, CO2, etc.

Possibility to receive automatic notifications in the form of text messages, voice calls or e-mails when deviations are registered. Wide range of solutions.

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Data digitalisation solutions

Our digitisation solutions will help your company replace manual work on data acquisition and processing by automating these processes and making them more efficient.

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EDLUS for builders

An efficient and secure time tracking system that complies with the requirements of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

The system is suitable for both closed and open construction sites, as well as for buildings in the process of renovation, quarries and other sites where construction, repairs, etc. take place.

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Production facility
efficiency solutions

Improve the efficiency of your production facilities and the entire production process.

InPass solutions are suitable for any type of manufacturing company, as well as for almost all types of production facilities. Using measurements and data analysis, our clients improve their production process efficiency by an average of 15%.

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