InPass offers a system that provides real-time information on the main climate parameters of the room - temperature, relative humidity and pressure of the air. The solution will be suitable not only for manufacturing companies, but also for your office, apartment or private house and other.

It is possible to connect different sensors to the InPass system. The obtained data is accumulated and analyzed online on the customer portal.

Telpu kilmats

Main benefits:

  • instant information in the event of anomalies (sms, voice call or e-mail);
  • easy and quick installation;
  • the ability to add any sensor to the InPass system;
  • a more accurate assessment of the benefits or losses of the room

Our systems are already in use for:

  • refrigerating equipment and freezers monitoring;
  • server room monitoring;
  • room humidity monitoring;
  • differential pressure monitoring;
  • air pressure monitoring;
  • fluid pressure monitoring;

Customer feedback

SIA "Piejūra"

The company "Piejūra" Ltd. (as of 1 March 2019 - "NS Estate" Ltd.) was founded in 1995 in Nīca, and they produce high-quality preserved fish and breaded fish products. Our products are chosen both at the local market and other markets globally. Observance of the principles of safe food production at all stages of production is crucial to us.
Refrigeration chamber monitoring solutions installed by InPass, reporting deviations from the standard, let us be secure of adequate temperature in the refrigeration chambers 24/7.

SIA Baltic Rim

Our company, "Baltic Rim" Ltd., is part of SP Group, and our company specializes in manufacturing DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) and composite parts.
InPass provides our company with temperature monitoring in freezers. There was once an incident where all company employees were on vacation and the freezers malfunctioned. By notifying of this situation, the InPass system protected the company from possible losses which might have occurred in the event of damaged products. So we can say that the InPass Room Monitoring System is very valuable in our daily activities.



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