InPass and partners develop a unique ship emissions monitoring system


As part of the Eurostars project “Ultra-Portable Continuous Emission Monitoring System”, Innovation Enterprise InPass in Liepāja will collaborate with two Danish partners and the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Liepāja University on the development of a unique monitoring system for ship emissions. As part of the effort, InPass will be responsible for the engineering of an advanced communication controller. 

“The aviation and marine industries are the largest-growing segments of greenhouse gas emissions. Last year, limitations were established globally for sulfur content in marine fuels. The level of emissions generated by these industries has increased more rapidly over the last 30 years than in the entire history of transportation,” notes head of the company, Raivis Ekšteins. 

The technical team of InPass will participate in the development of a unique measuring device for emission monitoring – they will ensure the necessary communication with all other devices installed within and outside the system. Its purpose will be to collect data and store them on a centralized server for further analysis. “This is a sign of great trust from our partners, and all previous experiences of our company will be useful in the creation of a unique measuring device,” R. Ekšteins is certain. 

The lead partner of the international consortium is the Danish company Instrumatic Marine A/S. With more than 40 years of experience in environmental monitoring they are responsible for the sampling and overall integration of the combined system.

"It is a great opportunity for all of us to work together on such an ambitious project. Each partner contributes with a unique set of competences to make greater things happen," adds Carsten Hansen, the CEO of Instrumatic Marine A/S.

One of our project partners is the Danish National Metrology Institute (DFM A/S). The Danish Institute is one of seven government approved Danish Research and Technology Organizations, whose aim is to provides a variety of services and support to private and state institutions in the field of  advanced measurement technology. DFMs task within the project is the development of a novel sensor for this craving application.

The development of the unique communications controller also involves the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Liepāja University, who will perform mathematical calculations and tests to ensure the reliability and performance of the measuring device under harsh environmental conditions. 

It is expected to have a prototype by July and continue with testing. The entire project is planned to be finished by August 2023. 

The project is partially funded under the Eurostars-2 program and co-funded by the Latvian State Education Development Agency. This work is partly funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD). Eurostars-2 is a joint program of the European Commission program Horizon 2020 and the EUREKA Secretariat, which supports small and medium-sized enterprises involved in research and development with the purpose of creating innovative products, services, or technology.