People from Liepaja have created an innovative electronic work-timekeeping application


In order to facilitate electronic timekeeping in construction sites and other sites that do not have an electricity connection, the Liepaja company "InPass" has created an easy-to-use application on Android platforms. In the future, it will be even easier to record work time and remotely familiarize yourself with the data in real time.

"We are a modern-minded company that follows modern requirements and innovations. Until now, our service could be used by those clients who placed the time recording device in a construction site or workplace where it was necessary to record the working hours of employees. That's why we had to take the next development step and we created an application," says Raivis Ekšteins, manager of "InPass" company. 

Using the EDLUS application on the construction site

Thanks to the application, there is no longer a need for a timekeeping device at the construction site or any other facility. Each employee, whose working hours will need to be recorded, will activate the application with a special card and the data will be automatically sent to a unified system. "It will be enough if the application is only for the construction manager, the foreman or any other responsible person, and customers will be able to see data in real time, which employees arrived at work, how many hours they worked, when they had rest moments," adds R. Ekšteins.

Practical functionality and application of an application

Each time the employee leaves the facility, the employee's card will be scanned again, and upon resuming work duties, it will have to be reactivated.

In general, the development of the application lasted three months and the "InPass" company created it, guided by market research and adapting to the real modern situation. The use of the application is a paid service and is subject to a fixed monthly fee.

Electronic working time accounting system (EDLUS) and possibilities

The electronic timekeeping system or EDLUS registers and accumulates any kind of information about the working staff in the construction site, recording the time when the person arrives and leaves the construction site. With the help of EDLUS, it is possible to control employees in real time using the "InPass" cloud server. The company data stored in it is easy to export to other management systems using the API.

The "InPass" solution is specially adapted for companies in the construction industry, but it can also be used by any company that needs electronic timekeeping. The system complies with the requirements of Chapter XIV of the Law "On Taxes and Fees" "Registration of electronic information at the construction site and its use". In addition, the system can be integrated with accounting, ERP and other systems.