About InPass - anything that can be measured can be improved!

InPass solutions are designed for results-oriented companies that aim to work more efficiently and safely – not more hours.

We created InPass to make it easier for modern and results-oriented managers to determine the productivity of different technological facilities, perform the necessary data processing, and ensure continuous monitoring of systems.

The InPass story


The story of InPass began in 2017,
when two experienced professionals joined
forces to offer a solution to a problem
that regularly caused losses for some manufacturing companies.


InPass soon expanded its client base
to Lithuania, Estonia and
the United Kingdom.


This solution was soon supplemented by others
aimed at improving production efficiency.

In creating InPass and working on each solution, our main goal has always been to help companies work more efficiently.

The solutions we offer help to achieve this goal on several fronts
and levels

Raivis Ekšteins

Co-owner of InPass

Our clients value the ability of the InPass team’s experts to find the most suitable solution for each task.

Our team’s experts will offer you personalised solutions as well – to help you achieve your company’s goals.

Kaspars Golts

Co-owner of InPass

InPass equipment and software

  • All InPass equipment is manufactured in Latvia. The design and features have been developed by our team. The main guiding principles in developing the equipment and solutions are modern design, convenient and easy use, and longevity.
  • One feature that characterises our equipment is the ability to restart in the event of a standstill and to continue working after the restart.
  • Thus, no involvement of support staff is needed, as the equipment itself solves the problem in minutes.

Equipment sustainability

InPass leases equipment, enabling us and our clients to use technology sustainably. We dispose of equipment that has served its time.


Damaged equipment is inspected to remove functional parts that can be used to repair other equipment in the future. As soon as a technical issue occurs with a piece of equipment used by our clients, we solve it.

Thus, our clients never need to think about repairing or disposing of equipment. Nor do they need to invest in its purchase.

Our values

Our team